• Amey Ahirrao

    CET 2017 99.98 Percentile, JBIMS 2017-19 Batch

    Would like to recommend ELC classes. A little backstory: I was born and raised in Nashik; left the state to do my B. Tech; after engineering worked in bangalore for a year; realized the need for an MBA; came back to Nashik in Sept 2016. At that point was really confused and afraid of Cat. Started studying on my own and literally wasted a month since I had no direction and only had Arun Sharma books (which are hard to comprehend on the first go) . Then I joined ELC in Oct (when half the portion for the batch was already taught). But within two weeks I realized that Cat isn't as tough as it is thought to be. The continuous support of the teachers and their teaching methods (starting from the conceptual questions and then gradually advancing towards the difficult ones) was second to none and instilled a sort of confidence in me to take the Cat head on. Also the material is very helpful and easy to understand unlike the popular prep books. And finally the full length mocks were the best and the most important prep tools to prepare for the D day. The faculty is always available and happy to solve all your doubts. And the material and the teaching not only preps you for cat but also for other almost similar level exams like iift, Xat, nmat, snap, etc. My end results:

    Cat: 96.58 (calls from all new iims, mdi) (a bit less than expected since started preparing a bit late, still regret that wasted month)

    Iift: 99.2 (converted K)

    Snap: 95.5

    (Missed out on the cutoffs of few other exams like nmat, tissnet, by 2–3marks)

    The mock interviews and gd sessions simulate the actual thing and helps in improving performance.

    Finally, MBA is a test of character and that journey starts right from the cat exam. What happens on the day of exam shapes your percentiles and ELC helps you not only prepare for the exam but also prepare for that day! It's a long season and you will be giving a lot of exams and interviews, so along with studies a lot of mental inspiration is needed and that's what elc provides.

    Thank you for reading and good luck. Cheers!!

    PS. Also the best class for cet prep. Scored 99.98 just using the class prep.

  • Krushna Deshmukh


    I want to thank the entire ELC team for making it possible for me to crack CMAT exam and join one of the top Business Schools. ELC test series helped me understanding exam pattern and detailed solutions given at the end helped me understanding concepts better. I am impressed by the quality of inputs given to help improve my scores as well as the professional behavior displayed by the ELC staff. The staff at ELC is very committed and they take a personal interest to help you. Tips and tricks given by Sagar sir helped in saving crucial time in exam. With Sagar Sir’s constant motivation and guidance, I was able to land in my dream college. On the whole, I highly recommend the services offered by ELC eduation.

  • Rupesh Ezuthachen


    To put it in a nutshell, there have been many turning points in my life but ELC was the most significant one. It landed me in JBIMS, one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. I was working in Voltas Ltd and had a hectic work schedule. I was not able to dedicate enough time for studies and was not well prepared for the CET exam.

    But, the 2-day workshop conducted by Mr.Sagar Nikam re-energized me to take up the preparations more seriously. He covered the different topics in his unique way with excellent shortcut techniques which increased my speed & I was able to solve more number of questions in actual CET paper. The workshop was then complimented with the Test Series which had a very user friendly interface which helped me in devising a strategy, reviewing my results, identifying my strong & weak areas and tracking my performance against the other students. My advice to all the CET aspirants- “ Focus on speed with accuracy”

    I would highly recommend everyone to join the ELC workshop & test series because it will definitely give you an edge in your CET preparation.

    My best wishes to the ELC team for all their future endeavou

  • Pradip Ekhande


    "ELC - Source of knowledge and motivation ELC as an entrance class, not only offers you the tips and tricks required for cracking the MBA entrance but it also becomes an source of motivation for getting into one of the Ivy league college. Sagar sir always made us believe that, getting into any top college is easy. The only thing we required to get into one was right approach, dedication and confidence in ourselves. To motivate students, mentors at ELC organized various guest lectures by persons associated with top level institutes. Sagar sir also used to inspire us by telling about the life at JBIMS and how our life can change by going for an MBA from Ivy league college. This motivation by Sir worked for me most of the times and it is because of his motivation, today I am a member of JBIMS family and enjoying my life here. To summarize it won’t be wrong to say that major chunk of the credit for my success goes to Sagar sir and Madhura mam. It was their proper guidance and training which helped me sharpen my aptitude and comprehension skills ,which eventually are very crucial for cracking any of the MBA entrance exam. Cheers !"